Reining Queens - Mrs India 2016

Mohini Sharma Mane

Darshini P

Asha Jois

Anita Pradyumna

Seema Subedi

You Can be the Next Mrs India 2016

Mrs India™ I am Woman Eternally Beautiful© we don’t look for Models but we Make Role Models©

Any Indian Married Woman can participate in Mrs India

Age is Just a Figure
1. Mrs India up to age of 40
2. Classic Mrs India above Age of 40

Beauty in Diversity

Mrs India™ is Trade Mark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd. Mrs India ™ is based
on theme of Beauty in Diversity as every woman is Beautiful and Every Woman should feel Beautiful
Winners of Mrs India™ represent India at World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant

Mrs World
Mrs Asia International
Mrs Planet

So don’t hesitate go for it, you can be the next Mrs India™


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